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Understanding how to translate leadership skills across the world is one of the greatest challenges
facing business today...

Paul has spent the last few years helping clients understand how to ensure that their staff are fully motivated and their managers are given a clear view of the roles they play in their company’s success.

As the planning for the 2014 Ryder Cup proved, understanding how to bring together a group of players from different backgrounds and cultures to achieve a winning team required a very unique set of planning skills. 

 Paul ensured every player clearly understood their role and how it fitted into the overall strategy. It proved to be the difference between winning and losing.

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Following Paul’s successful Ryder Cup Captaincy the London Business School made him an Executive Fellow. 

In this role, Paul has conducted tutorials with degree students, speaks at key institute events and share his learning and experiences on leadership and building winning teams with global business leaders.

 His degree in International Business and time spent working at the European Commission before becoming a golf professional clearly gave him an appetite for the world of education, business and leadership.

Paul has spoken to many large companies over the past few years on leadership and motivation, these companies include: