Online Course Landscape of Leadership. Paul McGinley in collaboration with High Performers.
High Performers partners with professional athletes to produce sophisticated soft-skill educational content for enterprise clients, business professionals and personal development enthusiasts.

Paul has acquired a multitude of valuable leadership lessons throughout his career in golf and business. He recently teamed up with High Performers to build an online course, entitled “Landscape of Leadership”, bringing those unique lessons to life in a beautifully produced, highly engaging, immersive, storytelling format.

The Program

This is a program for high performing leaders who want to develop a champion’s mindset, build world class teams and have an impact that’s greater than themselves. The Landscape of Leadership program provides an in-depth leadership playbook based on real world experience at the highest levels of professional sport. This program will give you the tools to elevate yourself from an exceptional leader to a championship leader. In today’s world, whether it’s about outperforming your competitors, increasing shareholder value or getting clear on the bigger picture — the time for effective leadership is more important than ever.
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This program extracts timeless leadership principles from the world of professional golf that can be applied to business, sport and everyday life, so you can be armed with the mindsets, strategies and techniques used by world class leaders.